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About us

The Foundation for Landscape Protection is a non-governmental organisation targeted at protection of natural and cultural landscape of Poland and Europe. We build partnerships beyond borders for promotion of best practices and experience in this scope.

The headquarters of the foundation is located n Jelenia Góra. Our main area of expertise is cultural heritage and revitalisation. In this regard, we cooperate with partner institutions from the whole of Europe.

We have extensive expertise in implementation of transnational projects with the European Union co-financing from the programmes: Interreg Central Europe, Interreg South Baltic, Interreg Poland-Saxony, Interreg Czech Republic-Poland and other. Our main thematic areas entail:

  • natural resources,
  • cultural heritage and revitalisation,
  • spatial planning,
  • archaeological heritage,
  • tourism,
  • environment,
  • renewable energies.

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On 17-18 April, the Foundation for Landscape Protection participated in a meeting organised as part of the InterRevita project. The event was hosted by the city of Roeselare, which is a partner in the project.

During the first part of the meeting, the Foundation discussed the results of the project so far and presented the action plan for the next semester. Activities concerning the peer review of policy instruments and the selection of good practices were discussed in detail.

During the second part of the meeting, good practices identified by the City of Roeselare were presented including:

  • Retention roofs
  • Krommebeek business park
  • Concrete pavement reduction project in the Sint-Jozefs district
  • City car park revitalisation project

In addition, the process of involving stakeholders during the preparation and implementation of revitalisation projects was presented.



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